Dalhousie University
Med Neuro, 13C1, 5850 College Street
PO Box 15000 Halifax NS B3H 4R2

Tareq Yousef (he/him)
PhD Candidate
Dalhousie University

Interests: Neuroscience, health, scientific design, and teaching.

Currently: Medical Neuroscience,
Retina and Optic Nerve Laboratory

Thesis: Investigating mechanisms that contribute to vertebrate light adaptation. Focus on the role of neuromodulator-driven gap junction coupling of horizontal cells and their electrophysiology.

Teaching Pillars
1) Providing a holistic learning experience with breadth of subject matter that emphasizes communication and collaboration, 2) Exemplify an appreciation for the history science, 3) Incorporate a current and research-responsive curriculum into my education, and 4) Ensure the development of students’ critical scientific and analytics skills.


PSYO 230: Biopsychology/Intro to Behavioural Neuroscience Jan 2022 
University of British Columbia (300 students)

Delivering two guest lectures on the psychology and behaviour related to the human visual system through fundamental neuroanatomy and recent research advances.

NESC 3440/MNSC 5100: Human Neuroanatomy Sept 2014 — ongoing
Dalhousie University (80-100 students)

Lectures and labs designed to acquaint the student with the anatomy and organization of the human central nervous system.

In 2021, I assumed the role of lead Lab Instructor, delivering 7 laboratory-based lectures, developing laboratory manuals, and leading neuroanatomy laboratory activities.

Other duties include delivering the human visual system (3 lectures) module lectures as part of a team-taught class, contributing to exam question writing, marking, and assisting with the health professions and medicine student laboratories. (See Appendix A for sample exam questions. Also, see Appendix B for a sample course outline).

PSYO 1010/NESC 3010: Intro Psych/Neuro & Advanced General Psych Sept 2015 — Apr 2017 (1000 first-year students, 30 upper year students)
Dalhousie University

NESC 3010 is a course designed to instill teaching skills and an aptitude for delivering first-year psychology lectures and laboratory curriculum. The third- and fourth-year undergraduate students of NESC 3010 acted as teaching assistants, leading labs for first-year psychology students.

I was both an NESC 3010 student in the third year of my undergraduate degree and a teaching assistant to the students of NESC 3010 the following year. Teaching assistant duties included laboratory instruction, student assessment, and curriculum development, managing both first-years and upper-year students working as lab instructors.