Tareq Yousef (he/him)
PhD Candidate
Dalhousie University

Interests: Neuroscience, health, scientific design, and teaching.

Currently: Medical Neuroscience
Retina and Optic Nerve Laboratory

Thesis: Investigating mechanisms that contribute to vertebrate light adaptation. Focus on the role of neuromodulator-driven gap junction coupling of horizontal cells and their electrophysiology.


Some more links

ComSciConCAN Atl

Communicating science conference for Atlantic Canadian graduate students.

Dalhousie Neuroscience Blog

Blog posts from 2020 about a variety of topics from the neurological effects of trauma to academic equity.

Recent Invited Speaking Engagements

Would you like me to speak at your conference/ event, on your podcast, or TV show? Reach/hire me at tareq.yousef@dal.ca.